Manifesting with the New Moon

What is the New Moon? A new moon is the Dark Moon: meaning the moon is not visible at this time. The Moon has just went from being full to waning which means that the illumination has decreased until it is no more. Then the process of the moons illumination begins again and is called waxing.

It is said that this cycle of the moon going from dark to full again holds a power of manifesting.

A new moon symbolizes new beginnings, new ideas, new intentions, new projects or just giving life back into an old idea. Therefore, this is an excellent time to use the moons power for our manifesting.

To take advantage of this moon’s power, one can do a simple manifestation. Make a list of what you want to flow into your life. A wish? A new intention? What do you want more of?

Hand write this on a piece of paper using strong positive language as if you already had it. Go outside and read your note out loud to the moon and then thank the universe. Store your note for future reference or make a journal entry if you like. Pay attention to thoughts, ideas, dreams, and opportunities. When they present themselves in the coming days; act on them. You will not regret it.

If you like, you can also use seeds and plant them after the ritual. You can also use birdseed and let the birds eat them afterwards.

State your wishes or intentions and then imagine them going into the seeds and your desires growing and growing.

For an example:

I will go outside to my special place in my yard and smudge. Light a candle and thank the earth mother, father sky, my spirit guides, the land spirits, ancestors, and others for all they do. I will state my intentions and desires and infuse them into the seeds. I will sit awhile and feel the power of the earth and moon and my helpers helping me with my desires and that it is already here. I will thank them all again. Offer my seeds to the land and blow my candle out.

You can make it simple or elaborate and make it your own. The note idea came from the internet. It is everywhere. And the seed idea came directly from Steven Farmer’s book, Sacred Ceremony.

The ritual/ceremony above is my idea for my simple ritual.

Another great idea, is simply to write down things that make you happy and that you want more of in your life. Keep the list with you and jot down anything in these next two weeks. The idea is to build up the ideas with manifesting power. And then on the full moon, burn this note or list. Thus releasing it with the power of the full moon. You can read this idea from this great blog.

Are you confused yet? Don’t worry, pretty soon this will make perfect sense.

Have you ever tried manifestations? Comment below with your experience or questions.


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