The Earth and Humanity needs us now more than ever. We are the caretakers of the Earth thus preserving the human race from extinction.

Caring for the Earth and our well-being as humans is vitally intertwined. I believe that over the centuries, since the world has become more and more industrialized, we have gotten so far away from the natural world and the vital lessons we obtain from the land. This separation has caused the death and destruction of not only the earth but also the state that us humans are in at this time.

I don’t need to remind you of current world affairs and the social issues we face in our day to day lives. I don’t need to go on about all the environmental issues. There is enough of that information everywhere.

This blog will be about reminding us to get back to the land and the lessons obtained from our home. These lessons and insights are vital to not only the Earth (our home) but are vital to our human existence. Hopefully, this will be thought provoking and will instill in you a spark that will help you to align your life with the rhythms of nature for a truly satisfying, joyful, grounded life.

Advocating for the earth and social issues are a part of taking care and preserving life as we know it also. So yes, you will be reading about that as well.

How we take care of the Earth is directly related to how us humans interact with each other.

Are you willing to do your part? Any little bit helps.

~ Michele O’Donnell